Uranium Spring-Summer 2016 Photoshoot

Get a look behind the scenes  of Uranium  Spring-Summer 2016 Photoshoot. Enter in the universe of Uranium brand through a visit of the designer studio.

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This week, “Mes Petites Trouvailles” dedicates their article to Marilyne Baril in her workshop on Alexandra street.

Working in the industry of Montreal fashion for five years, Marilyne Baril launched her eponymous line of career women’s coats in 2013.

In 2014, she presents her second line, Marigold, feminine and pretty dresses.

Visit the link below to learn more about the compagny. You will also find Marilyne Baril’s interview there.



Enjoy the trade fair from May 28th  to May 31st  and make good deals to fill your summer wardrobe.Untill 11 p.m between St. Laurent Ave. and Fullum St. many shops are on place and waiting for you.

You will find the stores ModécoL’Autre Placard Aime Com Moi and many others !




Focus on Uranium by Clin d’oeil

Vidéo Uranium

Last January, Clin d’oeil dedicated an article done before the merge with Agence KA with Uranium, presenting the past environment of the designer Marie-Eve Ruel

Created in 1998, Uranium is specialized in men and women jewelry. Marie-Ève identifies Uranium as “a positive brand” with very important “human values”


Visit the link below to learn more about the compagny. You will also find Uranium’s interview there.


Since Katia Dion took up the reins of Uranium, Marie-Ève now can totally focus on the creation and design of her collections. Get ready for the new 2015 fall-winter collection !
Uranium has established their new workshop and show room  at 433 Chabanel Street West.

MELOW dresses any woman perfectly

Capture d’écran 2015-05-01 à 11.40.45

Established in Montréal since 2007 and running strong with a loyal client base, the Melow line is designed for women of all shapes and sizes, ranging from XS to XXL.

Proudly designed and made in Canada, the Melow collections have always embodied a casual yet sophisticated style. The designer’s clever engineering of each piece offers complex designs, but shows simple lines, and makes the clothing adjust to flatter any body shape. Structured cuts draped into pleats and asymmetrical lines intelligently mixes comfort and elegance. The choice of quality, fluid fabrics is instrumental in creating the ease-in-motion experienced when wearing Melow. As much as possible, the fabrics used by Melow are made in Canada as well.

Mélissa’s dedication in promoting a variety of body types and healthy body images is more than clothes deep. She is a proud signatory of the Quebec Charter for Healthy and Diverse Body Images. Those who sign this Charter commit themselves to promote a diversity of body images and refuse to subscribe to aesthetic ideals based on extreme thinness. In addition to this engagement, Melow created the event «Melow, Healthy and Diverse», which unveils the Fall-Winter collections with a fashion show featuring Quebec celebrities of all shapes and sizes – with all the proceeds going to organizations that support people affected by eating disorders.



RUELLE, comfort and elegance above all

Ruelle is defined by pure and authentic creations from Canada, the mesh used is particularly worked. Founded by Sébastien Faucher and Virginia Fortier, the co-founders are dedicated to their creations and a local manufacture of their knitwear collection with the highest quality standards.

All women need a beautiful comfort sweater knitting to get through the autumn and winter months. The company Ruelle based the creation on this concept. Ruelle, dresse up women with charming knits, comfortable and especially inventive.

Designed with modern details such as buttons, high collars and carnations, Ruelle knits are the best possible support to an unavoidable jeans or legging aligned to the season.

Capture d’écran 2015-05-04 à 10.51.28

BODYBAG, a masculine feminity

BB_judeBodybag by Jude, Judith Desjardins have her own path, she faced many challenges to achieve what she have today. The birth of its brand, Bodybag by Jude, could be compared to a fairy Count that would take place in a Rave during the 90s.

100% designed and thought in her studio on Bernard Street in Montreal, Bodybag by Jude claims to be “casual and chic “. “There is an important male/female duality in my creations. I particularly work on the structures  in order to get more masculine details and turn it into feminine details” said Judith Desjardins.

Since its creation, the line grew up and has changed to become, today a the ready-to-wear line. “I can dress up the girl for her prom bal together with the mature woman. I have a wide range of customers, “says the designer.

RACHEL F, the aesthetic and ethic accessory.


Rachel Fortin issued from her native Chicoutimi, knew since the beginning that through the design, her “inspiration would take the most accomplished forms”. She get specialized in making clothes with fur. A material of which she feld in love, literally.

Rachel F. owes her reputation to her hats, scarves and handbags made in a completely recycled fur accented with 100% recovered leather. On this raw material, she prints unique illustrations by screen printing (technique used with stencils). Added to this aesthetic approach, a careful attention to ethical concern.

In addition to worrying about ecology, Rachel F. bet on a local and artisanal production, fur and skins are processed in her workshop, in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Finally, the artist works with her Quebec counterparts, Eve Gravel, for whom she designs accessories.

EVE GRAVEL, a sweet mix « Rock ‘n’ Edjy »


Founded in Montreal, more than 10 years ago, the women’s clothing brand, Eve Gravel now enjoys of an international reputation. Made in Canada and Quebec, those clothes, both casual and contemporary, testify to a unique aesthetic that has made its known. Exclusive and innovative, her very feminine collections, are sold in many shops across the country.

Since the beginning, Eve Gravel collection is inspired by fragments from her travels, music and street fashion which contain the own designer’s duality. Her favorite color trilogy: black, grey and white flirts with summer and winter, completed with more colorful hues in a meeting structures, volume, and flow.

An original and thrilling mode that, every day, permits to add a fresh and modern touch, that suits the lifestyle of contemporary women.